CHEM 710/7100 - Advanced Main Group Chemistry

Semester: Spring 2021

Professor: M. Denk | Discipline: Inorganic | Campus: Guelph


This on-line course discusses influential original research papers and reviews from the recent literature. The topics will be taken from the fields of synthetic and theoretical main group chemistry excluding solids. The course material will be distributed through course link and via e-mail.

First Lecture                                                                     Tue, May 18th
Holiday                                                                               Mon, May 24th
Last Lecture                                                                      Tue, June 22nd           
Drop Date                                                                          Thu, June 16th


No text required. This on-line course will discuss recent publications from the literature and other lecture material posted on course link.


Grades will be established by four student contributions (weight 25 % each, topics tba) consisting of

One power point presentation with voice recording
Three written homework assignments

Use a word processor or power point or keynote for the homework. Use Chemdraw for structures and reactions. Submit both the native file and a PDF copy. A penalty of -10% will apply for each late day.




  • Tue: 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm in Remote

Office Hours

On-line due to CoV19 ([email protected])