CHEM 720/7200-01 - Electroanalysis at the Nanoscale

Semester: Fall 2024

Professor: A. Chen | Discipline: Analytical | Campus: Guelph


This course will introduce fundamentals of electrode kinetics, reaction mechanisms and electrochemical methods. Electroanalytical techniques and their roles in modern analytical chemistry will be surveyed. The development of nanomaterial-based electrochemical sensor and biosensor in medical, pharmaceutical, environmental and food safety applications will be explored.     


There is no single text book for this course. Reading materials will be provided as the course continues.


Assignments                                                      15%
Paper review and presentation                      10%
Literature review and presentation               20%
Mid-term exam                                                 25%
Final exam                                                          30%


No lab or project details provided.


  • Mon: 7:00 pm - 9:20 pm in MacN 101

Office Hours

Office: 122 MacN, 519-8244120 Ext. 54764. Email: [email protected]