CHEM 720/7200 - Electron Transfer Initiated Reactions: Techniques, Fundamental and Practical Aspects

Semester: Fall 2018

Professor: A. Houmam | Discipline: Analytical | Campus: Guelph


This course is an overview of electron transfer initiated reactions.  It includes an introduction aimed at describing a number of well-known electron transfer reactions with a focus on organic reactions. The main electron transfer theories will be reviewed and the thermodynamics, kinetics and mechanisms of electron transfer reactions as well as factors controlling them will be studied through use of examples from the literature. Various techniques and methods will be discussed including electrochemical and non-electrochemical techniques.


There is no single textbook for this course. References to pertinent monographs and publications will be provided on a per-topic basis. Supplemental information will be sent by email.


The course grade will be based on i) one mid-term examination, ii) a final examination iii) a course presentation and/or a paper report and a presentation. The mid-term examination will be given at a mutually convenient time.

The final grade will be calculated as follows:
Mid-term examination                     30%
Course or paper presentation         30%
Final examination                             40%

Course presentation subjects will be selected on or before Thursday September 30, 2018. A list of topics will be provided. Subjects for these presentations will be chosen through consultation with the instructor. The final examination in CHEM*720/7200 will include questions based on the course presentations made by other members of the class.


No lab or project details provided.


  • Thu: 7:00 pm - 9:20 pm in C2 278/MacN 203

Office Hours

Office MacN.123 x56429. Email: [email protected]