CHEM 731/7310-03 - Advanced NMR Theory

Semester: Fall 2023

Professor: T. Dieckmann | Discipline: Biochemistry | Campus: Waterloo


This course covers the advanced theory of NMR spectroscopy, including energy level, vector model, density matrix and product operator formalism.
Among the topics discussed are:

• Basics of NMR spectroscopy
• Spectrometer hardware
• Energy level description of NMR spectroscopy
• The vector model in NMR
• Density matrix-based description of NMR
• The product operator formalism and its application for analyzing pulse sequences.
• Types of pulse sequences and how they work


  • Students will develop an understanding of the theoretical background of NMR spectroscopy
  • Students will develop an up-to-date knowledge of methods used to design and analyze pulse sequences.

Prerequisites: Chem 731 Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy and two terms of Calculus at UG level (for example, Math 127/128 at UW).


Required Text: Understanding NMR Spectroscopy – by James Keeler (Author)


The course grade will be based on individual chapter discussions (6 discussions of 30 min, each contributes 10% to the final grade) and one term paper assignment (40%)

Late Submissions: Late submission of the term paper will be accepted until December 9. Late submissions will have 25% of the mark deducted for each day or part of a day that the assignment is late. Assignments submitted after December 9 will receive a mark of 0%.


Rules for Group Work in Lab Assignments: All work needs to be performed by each student on their own.


  • Fri: 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm in Remote (if required)

Office Hours

By appointment: ESC 227, ext. 35036, [email protected]