CHEM 731/7310 - Python Programming for Scientific Data Analysis

Semester: Spring 2020

Professor: M. Palmer | Discipline: Biochemistry |


Python is a general-purpose programming language that has come to be widely used in the scientific community. Accordingly, there exist many “code libraries” — building blocks that a practicing scientist can use for various common tasks such as molecular visualization, image processing, or “number crunching” and data analysis.

This course is aimed at beginners, but not at slackers – we will start from scratch, but we will aim to arrive at implementing some programs to solve actual problems. Regarding the specific problems to be addressed, I am open to suggestions, but due to my own background the emphasis will be on biochemistry and biophysics.

I will provide reading materials and exercises, some of which we will work through together using an online code sharing platform ( Evaluation will involve the implementation of a working and usable piece of code. The particular task in question can be related to your own work, but I need to understand and approve the task before you implement it.

While I am a reasonably experienced Python practitioner, I have not taught a proper course on it before. Participants should therefore be prepared to put up with some trial and error.








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