CHEM 750/7500-03 - Aqueous Solutions and Interfaces

Semester: Winter 2022

Professor: P. Tremaine | Discipline: Physical | Campus: Guelph


An introduction to aqueous solution chemistry, from classical macroscopic descriptions to modern treatments of the properties of electrolytes and non-electrolytes at a molecular level.


Physical Chemistry, by P. Atkins and J. De Paula 10th & 11th eds;

Quantitative Chemical Analysis by D.C. Harris, 8th or 9th eds
and CHEM*4880/7500 Lecture Notes (2022), by P. Tremaine


The proposed marking scheme is as follows. It will be discussed and finalized during the first week of class:

  • Assignments 15%    Every 2 weeks, total of 3 Assignments
  • Mid-Term Exam 25%    Mar. 4 or Th. Mar 5, 6:00-7:30 pm, MacN 318
  • Project 35%    Presentation and/or Term Paper, Due April 6
  • Final Exam 25%    Mon, April 20, 11:30 am – 1:30 pm (Location TBA)

                                                  OR Take-Home Exam (TBD in Week 1)

 Assignments must be done individually. Use of laptops in class requires written permission.  Personal communication devices should be turned off.


No lab or project details provided.


  • Tue: 11:30 am - 12:50 pm in MCKN 224 (Guelph only)
  • Thu: 11:30 am - 12:50 pm in MCKN 224 (Guelph only)

Office Hours

Prof. Peter Tremaine ([email protected]) Rm. MacN 314 B. Office (Ext 56076) Rm. MacN 309. Lab (Ext 53811) Office hours: To be determined IMPORTANT: Please write “Subject: CHEM 7500…” in all e-mail.