Course Offerings: Biochemistry

CHEM 731-7310-01 - Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy of Proteins and Nucleic Acids

Semester: Fall 2024 Professor: T. Dieckmann | Discipline: Biochemistry | Campus: Waterloo
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CHEM 731/7310-02 - Rational Drug Design

Semester: Fall 2024 Professor: S. Kalyaanamoorthy | Discipline: Biochemistry | Campus: Waterloo
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CHEM 731/7310 - Proteins

Semester: Winter 2024 Professor: E. Meiering | Discipline: Biochemistry | Campus: Waterloo
Discussion of specialized topics related to the research interests of the members of the Centre. For example, recent offerings have included: Metalloproteins and Metalloenzymes; Heme Proteins; Chemistry of Enzymatic Reaction Mechanisms; Peptides – Synthesis, Structure and Function; Food Enzymology; Advanced Microbial Physicology; NMR in Biological Systems. Proteins, with their amazing complexity and diversity, have become very well characterized and increasingly designable, with ...