Course Offerings: Inorganic

CHEM 710/7100 - Advanced Main Group Chemistry

Semester: Spring 2021 Professor: M. Denk | Discipline: Inorganic | Campus: Guelph
This on-line course discusses influential original research papers and reviews from the recent literature. The topics will be taken from the fields of synthetic and theoretical main group chemistry excluding solids. The course material will be distributed through course link and via e-mail. First Lecture                                                                     Tue, May 18th ...

CHEM 710/7100 - Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis

Semester: Fall 2021 Professor: M. Schlaf | Discipline: Inorganic | Campus: Guelph
This course will provide an introduction and overview of the field of catalysis using (supported) heterogeneous metal/metal oxide and transition metal complexes focusing on general principles and reaction patterns of catalytically active transition metal centres,  metal/metal oxide surfaces and supported metals. mechanisms: kinetic and thermodynamic parameters and how to determine them. activation of small molecules such as hydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon ...

CHEM 712/7120 - X-Ray Diffraction

Semester: Fall 2021 Professor: J. Assoud | Discipline: Inorganic | Campus: Waterloo
This course will examine, in detail, the theory and the practice of the x-ray structure determination. We will review the definition of the crystal structure, unit cell, crystal systems, Bravais lattices and describe the crystal structure of some elements (BCC, CCP, HCP…), binary (e.g. NaCl…), and ternary (CaTiO3 …) and other solids (Ba2YCu3O7-x …). We will introduce the notion of symmetry operations and their symmetry ...