Course Offerings: Inorganic

CHEM 712/7120 - X-Ray Crystallography

Semester: Winter 2022 Professor: D. Soldatov | Discipline: Inorganic | Campus: Guelph
Introduction into chemical crystallography and X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis. The course provides basic theoretical background for understanding crystal structures and other XRD data reported in the literature and databases. The course also covers theoretical and practical aspects of the XRD analysis, including interaction of X-rays with matter, theoretical description of diffraction, experimental methods, instrumentation, preparation of samples, and the usage of software. ...

CHEM 713/7130 - Inorganic Solid State Materials

Semester: Winter 2022 Professor: H. Kleinke | Discipline: Inorganic | Campus: Waterloo
This course is concerned with the relations between crystal structure and electronic structure. The major goal is to understand and be able to predict materials properties solely based on the structure. Basic knowledge of simple solid state structures (e.g. NaCl, TiO2, CdI2, NiAs, MoS2 etc.) is highly recommended. Structure/materials families will comprise metals, semiconductors, superconductors, and (Mott and topological) insulators. Topics ...

CHEM 710/7100 - Characterization of Imperfections in Solids

Semester: Fall 2022 Professor: R. Smith | Discipline: Inorganic | Campus: Waterloo
This course will introduce X-ray diffraction (Rietveld refinements), X-ray absorption fine-structure spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy as tools to study solid state materials and demonstrate their practical application in analyzing defects in solid state materials. The pinciples and considerations underlying the Rietveld refinement process will be introduced and the overall process demonstrated. The underlying theory for XAS will then be introduced and the basic operating principles, ...