Course Offerings: Inorganic

CHEM 710/7100 - Catalysis

Semester: Fall 2019 Professor: M. Schlaf | Discipline: Inorganic | Campus: Guelph
This course will provide an introduction and overview of the field of catalysis using heterogeneous metal/metal oxide and transition metal complexes focusing on general principles and reaction patterns of catalytically active transition metal centres, metal/metal oxide surfaces and supported metals. mechanisms: kinetic and thermodynamic parameters and how to determine them. activation of small molecules such as hydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ...

CHEM 720/7200 - Mass Spectrometry

Semester: Winter 2019 Professor: W. Gabryelski | Discipline: Inorganic | Campus: Guelph
Background Info: CHEM 7200/720 is a graduate course in Mass Spectrometry (MS). During the three decades, mass spectrometry has evolved to a powerful technique for analyzing a variety of materials ranging from small molecules to large biopolymers. Mass spectrometry has been used in many areas of research including chemistry, biochemistry, environmental science, pharmacology, medicine and forensics. This course provides an opportunity for you to learn about this exciting ...