Course Offerings: Polymer

CHEM 773/7730-01 - Polymerizations Beyond Radical and Condensation Polymerization

Semester: Winter 2022 Professor: J. Duhamel | Discipline: Polymer | Campus: Waterloo
1.   Refresher on basic concepts: Homopolymers vs. copolymers, molecular weight distributions and averages, polydispersity, free radical addition polymerization. 2.   Emulsion polymerization: Initiators, surfactants and other components. Polymerization rate and molecular weight control. 3.   Copolymerization equation, monomer reactivity ratios. Types of behaviors: random, alternating, blocky copolymers. Integrated copolymerization equation. Copolymer microstructure. ...

CHEM 770/7700 - Principles of Polymer Science

Semester: Fall 2022 Professor: J. Duhamel | Discipline: Polymer | Campus: Waterloo
TBA ...

CHEM 773/7730 - Polymer Synthesis and Self-Assembly

Semester: Fall 2022 Professor: X. Wang | Discipline: Polymer | Campus: Waterloo
The course starts with an introduction to the design and synthesis of polymers with define chemical structures. A number of polymerization techniques will be descried briefly, including anionic, living free radical and migration insertion polymerizations. The principles guiding self-assembly behaviour of block copolymers and other building blocks will be discussed, followed by the material applications of the assembled polymeric ...