Course Offerings: Polymer

CHEM 773/7730 - Polymer Properties and Polymerization

Semester: Winter 2019 Professor: M. Gauthier | Discipline: Polymer | Campus: Waterloo
Course content Copolymerization equation, monomer reactivity ratios. Types of behaviors: random, alternating, blocky copolymers. Integrated copolymerization equation. Copolymer microstructure. Multicomponent polymerization. Structural effects, Q-e scheme, kinetics. Emulsion polymerization. Initiators, surfactants and other components. Polymerization rate. Molecular weight and particle size distributions. Applications. Anionic polymerization: ...

CHEM 770/7700 - Principles of Polymer Science

Semester: Fall 2018 Professor: M. Gauthier | Discipline: Polymer | Campus: Waterloo
Basic definitions: Monomers, polymers, polymerization reactions. Polymer structure, nomenclature. Molecular weight distributions and average molecular weights. Molecular weight measurements: Colligative properties, osmometry, light scattering, viscosity, gel permeation chromatography. Step-growth polymerization. Types of reactions. Reactivity, kinetics. Molecular weight distribution and control, branching and cross-linking. Polymerization equilibria. Preparation of ...

CHEM 773/7730 - Polymer Synthesis and Self-Assembly

Semester: Fall 2018 Professor: X. Wang | Discipline: Polymer | Campus: Waterloo
The course will introduce the synthesis and supramolecular chemistry of polymers. Living polymerization techniques for designed synthesis of block copolymers will be discussed first, including anionic and living free radical polymerization. Subsequently, we will discuss the assembling behavior of block copolymers in bulk and solution. This discussion includes how to design nanostructures and the potential applications of them as nanomaterial. Finally, we will learn the current research ...