Course Offerings: Theoretical

CHEM 740/7400-01 - Computational Chemistry

Semester: Fall 2019 Professor: M. Nooijen | Discipline: Theoretical | Campus: Waterloo
This course will provide a practical guide to quantum chemical calculations. The course will be held mainly in a computer lab setting, with students performing calculations under guidance of the instructor. In addition the lecture material will cover main topics in computational chemistry. A major component of the course is the computational research project. Each student in the class follows an individual trajectory, based on their interests and their choice of research project. The ...

CHEM 740/7400-02 / QIC 890 - Spin-Based Quantum Information Processing

Semester: Fall 2019 Professor: J.D. Baugh | Discipline: Theoretical | Campus: Waterloo
Subtitle: Semiconductor nanostructures, quantum transport and quantum information This course is inspired by recent experimental advances in the field of quantum information processing (QIP), especially electron spin qubits realized in semiconductor nanostructures. It will begin by covering the fundamentals of semiconductor material properties and physics, followed by quantum transport, spin effects, quantum dots and QIP. The course aims to enable students to fully comprehend the ...

CHEM 740/7400 - Advanced Electronic Structure Theory

Semester: Spring 2019 Professor: M. Nooijen | Discipline: Theoretical | Campus: Waterloo
This reading course will cover wave function based electronic structure theory in great detail. Extensive use is made of the operator technique of second quantization, and the main wave function based methods of electronic structure theory: Hartree-Fock, Configuration Interaction and Coupled Cluster theory are treated in detail, as well as the use of atomic orbital Gaussian basis sets. Course objectives: The student will master the ability to derive and understand ...