Course Offerings: Theoretical

CHEM 740/7400-01 - Quantum Mechanics in Chemistry

Semester: Winter 2023 Professor: M. Nooijen | Discipline: Theoretical | Campus: Waterloo
In the winter 2023 term the focus of the course will be electronic structure theory and some discussions of vibrational problems and coupled electronic-nuclear motion (non-adiabatic systems). The course will cover a description of the basic electronic structure problem introducing an atomic orbital basis set, Slater determinants and the Slater-Condon rules. Then we will cover Hartree-Fock theory in fair detail, and briefly discuss density functional theory, in analogy to Hartree-Fock.  We ...

CHEM 740/7400-02/QIC 890 - Spin-based Quantum Information Processing

Semester: Winter 2023 Professor: J.D. Baugh | Discipline: Theoretical |
This course is inspired by recent experimental advances in the field of solid-state quantum information processing (QIP), especially electron spin qubits realized in semiconductor nanostructures (“artificial atoms”). It begins by covering the fundamentals of spin and angular momentum, QIP, semiconductor physics, quantum transport, and quantum dots. The course aims to equip students to fully comprehend the research literature in the spin qubit and related ...