Guelph | Organic, Biological Chemistry and Biochemistry

France-Isabelle Auzanneau

Guelph | Analytical, Nanoscience, Physical, Biological Chemistry and Biochemistry, Electrochemistry

Aicheng Chen

Guelph | Inorganic, Nanoscience, Physical, Theoretical

Leanne Chen

Guelph | Organic, Theoretical

Michael Denk

Guelph | Analytical, Toxicology

Wojciech Gabryelski

Guelph | Physical

Khashayar Ghandi

Guelph | Analytical, Organic, Nanoscience, Physical, Electrochemistry

Aziz Houmam

Guelph | Biological Chemistry and Biochemistry

Rui Huang

Guelph | Analytical, Nanoscience, Physical, Electrochemistry

Jacek Lipkowski (Emeritus)

Guelph | Organic, Toxicology, Biological Chemistry and Biochemistry

Richard Manderville

Guelph | Analytical, Toxicology, Biological Chemistry and Biochemistry

Mario Monteiro

Guelph | Inorganic, Organic

Jennifer Murphy

Guelph | Organic, Nanoscience, Biological Chemistry and Biochemistry

Derek O'Flaherty

Guelph | Inorganic, Electrochemistry

Kathryn Preuss

Guelph | Organic, Inorganic

Marcel Schlaf

Guelph | Organic

Adrian Schwan

Guelph | Inorganic, Nanoscience, Physical

Dmitriy Soldatov

Guelph | Organic, Theoretical

William Tam

Guelph | Analytical, Nanoscience, Physical

Dan Thomas

P. Tremaine
Guelph | Analytical, Physical, Electrochemistry

Peter Tremaine