Offers of Admission

One Application – One Application Fee

It does not matter which University you apply to.  If a recommendation for admission is made by a faculty member at the other University, it is a simple administrative matter to process the application through the appropriate University. You are admitted to the home University of the accepting supervisor.

Expected Timeline

  • When the GWC2 office receives your application, an acknowledgement will be forwarded to you indicating if there are any further requirements prior to distributing the application.
  • Once the OUAC application and all supporting documentation has been received, it is evaluated to determine all program requirements are met, and forwarded to the GWC2 Director for approval for circulation.  The application package is then distributed to faculty members based on the stated area(s) of interest and to those members the applicant may have indicated that they have been in contact with or would like to join their research team.  Depending on the competition for available positions, the faculty member may contact the applicant and may offer to recommend the applicant be admitted to the program.  If there is interest in the application, a recommendation for admission to the program could be submitted fairly soon after the circulation of the application.
  • If the application does not meet our program requirements, the applicant is notified as soon as this decision has been made.
  • Please note that the complete process can take approximately 4-6 weeks once your application is completed. You will be notified when there are updates on the status of your application.

Accepting the Recommendation

GWC2 will submit a recommendation for admission and request that the applicant provide a response within three (3) weeks to indicate their interesting in joining the graduate program.  If our recommendation is approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies, you will receive formal confirmation and information on registration from the appropriate University Graduate Studies office.  The applicant is notified when the official offer of admission is available and can provide a response through UG WebAdvisor or UW Quest.

Provisional/Probationary Standing

In some cases, where the previous course work was obtained a number of years ago or where a student’s academic background is considered to be weak, the department may recommend admission on a provisional/probationary basis.  Student admitted as provisional/probationary, are required to successfully complete two GWC2 graduate courses (which may include the MSc Seminar) during the first two terms, achieving a minimum overall standing of 75%, with no grade below 70%. If this requirement is satisfied, the provisional/probationary status will be removed.

Deferral of the Start Term

If an offer has been made and accepted, and a deferment is requested later, the supervisor may or may not be in a position to grant a deferment due to their research program future commitments.

University of Guelph

The applicant will be required to reapply through OUAC for the new start date. Only the OUAC form itself would need to be forwarded to the GWC2 office and a deferral request is submitted only if granted by the original supervisor.

University of Waterloo

The applicant will be required to send an email to GWC2 requesting the deferral and providing the reasons for the request. A deferral request is submitted only if granted by the original supervisor and approved by the Graduate Office.