Program Changes

Program Changes

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Can I switch from a Full-Time to Part-Time MSc program?

Ø  To remain in the MSc Thesis program the graduate student would need to get confirmation from the research advisor that they are interested in retaining their status as their research advisor.  An MSc Thesis program requires a research advisor. Consideration would be made whether it is appropriate to recommend switching to the Part-Time Course-based MSc program.

  • By remaining in the MSc Thesis program, the requirements are to complete 3 courses, the MSc Seminar and prepare and present a thesis.
  • A course-based MSc program is 6 courses, the MSc Seminar and the MSc Research paper (based on a one-term experimental research project) which is presented in a seminar format.
  • An individual in a part-time program can take up to 15 terms (5 years) to complete the degree.  By switching to a part-time program and having already done terms as a full-time student, their degree completion requirement will be reduced.
  • The Part-Time student is not guaranteed any funding, although if they are doing their one-term experimental research project in a lab, the research advisor may agree to provide an RA out of their own funding for that period.
  • A part-time course-based graduate does not have to arrange for a research advisor until they are preparing to do their MSc seminar and Research Paper.  This usually occurs after they have completed most of their course work.
  • Within the (GWC)2 program, part-time students can not take courses outside of their home universities.

What are the program requirements to graduate?

  • Students must obtain an average of at least 70% (B-) in the set of courses which they present in fulfillment of course requirements for any graduate degree.

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