Direct Transfers To PhD from an MSc


Exceptional students may apply to transfer directly into the PhD program without first completing all of the MSc requirements. The following guidelines will be applied in consideration of applications for such a transfer. Please note that students admitted to the MSc program as probationary/provisional are not eligible for PhD Direct Transfer.

  • The applicant who is applying for direct transfer must have demonstrated a superior academic record both at the undergraduate and graduate level. This will normally mean that the student has a minimum overall B+ average as an undergraduate and has demonstrated a first-class standing with consistently above average performance in at least two graduate courses as well as in the Masters Seminar.
  • The applicant must have already demonstrated an oral and written communication ability appropriate for a PhD level student. In addition, there must be clear evidence of research productivity and promise.
  • The request must be initiated by the student in the form of a letter addressed to the Director (emailed to [email protected]) before the end of the third or fourth semester in the MSc program.  For direct transfers effective Spring 2024, this request must be received by March 29, 2024 and all supporting documentation is to be received by April 5, 2024. For direct transfers effective Fall 2024, this request must be received by July 26, 2024 and all supporting documentation is to be received by August 6, 2024.
  • The request should be accompanied by one of the following supporting documents:
    1. a detailed letter from the supervisor written on behalf of the advisory committee and signed by all supporting the transfer – emailed directly to [email protected]; OR
    2. a letter from the supervisor and an additional letter from a member of the advisory committee – emailed directly to [email protected]
  • The request will be considered by the Director/Coordinating Committee at the end of the student’s third or fourth term in the MSc program. If the result is positive, the Director will forward this recommendation and supporting documentation to the Dean of Graduate Studies.
  • Students in the program must successfully complete, in total, four regular graduate courses, plus the Literature Review, MSc Seminar, PhD Seminar and the PhD oral comprehensive examination and submit and defend an acceptable thesis.

Please contact GWC Administration if you have an questions.