GWC2 classes begin on Wednesday, September 7, 2022 at Waterloo; Thursday, September 8, 2022 at Guelph

Dated  August 30, 2022, Version 4

NOTE: Students on the opposite campus of the instructor will attend remotely (synchronous), unless otherwise indicated by the instructor

No courses have been scheduled for this semester.

CHEM 710/7100 – Characterization of Imperfections in Solids (Smith) WATERLOO\
CHEM 731/7310-01 – Conjugate Vaccines (Monteiro) GUELPH
CHEM 731/7310-02 – Nucleic Acid Chemistry (O’Flaherty) GUELPH
CHEM 731/7310-03 РRational Drug Design (Kalyaanamoorthy) WATERLOO 
CHEM 760/7600 – Heteroatoms in Organic Synthesis (Schwan) GUELPH
CHEM 766/7660 – Organic Spectroscopy (Murphy) WATERLOO
CHEM 770/7700 – Principles of Polymer Science (Duhamel) WATERLOO
CHEM 773/7730 – Polymer Synthesis and Self-Assembly (Wang) WATERLOO
CHEM 784/7840 – Foundations of Chemistry and Biochemistry Research Literature Review (Meiering) WATERLOO

Waterloo students register under first number listed (3 digits)
Guelph students register under second number (4 digits)