(GWC)2 Classes Begin ONLINE on Monday May 11th and will run for 6 weeks, with the exception of CHEM 731(0) which will run for 12 weeks

Dated 28 April 2020 – Version 6

Spring 2020

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

CHEM 710/7100-01
K. Preuss
All Spring courses offered online

CHEM 710/7100-01 Chemistry Manuscript Writing* (K. Preuss) 
CHEM 710/7100-02 Advanced Main Group Chemistry (M. Denk)
CHEM 731/7310 – Python Programming for Scientific Data Analysis (M. Palmer)
CHEM 712/7120 X-Ray Crystallography (D. Soldatov)
CHEM 750/7500 Nanotechniques* (T. Leung) NOTE: This course has a lab component (not online) and has been moved to Fall 2020
CHEM 760/7600 Asymmetric Synthesis of Amino Acids and Total Synthesis of Complex Peptide-Based Natural Products (S. Taylor) 

* Instructor consent required