Masters Part-Time Course-Based Program

The Guelph-Waterloo Centre part time course-based MSc option is designed for students who wish to revitalize and upgrade their knowledge in Chemistry or Biochemistry and at the same time earn a MSc degree. The program is intended for individuals whose employment or family responsibilities allow free time for study in the evenings only. Degree requirements consist of six one-term graduate courses plus Chem 794(0) (MSc Seminar) and MSc Research Paper. Financial support may be available (but is not guaranteed) to a student carrying out an experimental research project. In selecting which University they will apply through, applicants are encouraged to review the research conducted by faculty at each institution and, in light of their own research interests, choose that University as their home university.  This program is available for Canadian citizens and permanent residents

Time Limits

The part-time course-based MSc option allows students to focus on any area of chemistry or biochemistry. At the University of Guelph, part-time students will advance at the rate of a one-third term for each enrollment session and the University of Waterloo will advance at the rate of a one-half term for each enrollment session. Please note that the minimum period of time for completion of the part-time MSc is six enrollment sessions and it is expected that the program will normally be completed within five years.

Application Requirements

Admission requirements are the same as the full-time regular thesis MSc program.

Graduate Course Requirements

Within the GWC2 program, of the six required lecture courses, only two courses can be accepted as a transfer credit. Once enrolled, students can not take courses outside of their registered universities. Three of the six graduate courses must be taken through the GWC2, but the remaining courses may be taken through other departments within their registered University. It is advisable that students take courses that are relevant to their area of specialization in chemistry, as this may be of help when students eventually seek a research advisor for their Chem 797(0) Research Paper.

MSc Seminar and MSc Research Paper Requirements

The MSc Seminar and MSc Research Paper will usually be taken after the six regular courses have been completed, but students may certainly complete the seminar and project earlier if he/she wishes. As a part-time master’s student you will be exempted from regular seminar attendance. The Master’s Seminar is to take place prior to beginning the Masters research work and should be completed before the beginning of the graduate student’s last term. The MSc Research Paper is an experimental project to be completed during one term (or equivalent) of full-time research in the laboratory of a Centre faculty member. A written report is required, and an open, public seminar based on the content of the report will be presented.