GWC2 Seminar Series

Posted on September 30, 2021

GWC2 Wednesday Afternoon Research Seminars – Fall 2021

We are pleased to announce our upcoming seminar series, to be held via MicroSoft Teams at 3:00 pm

All are welcome to attend!

Please share the seminar announcement with any who may wish to attend, just a Teams ID / email address is required to be added to the meeting, please send to [email protected]


Date Speaker Title
6 October Mario Gauthier (W) My life with arborescent polymers, or how research can branch out…
20 October Peter Tremaine (G) Deuterium isotope effects on acid-base ionization and metal hydrolysis equilibria in high temperature water up to near-critical conditions
3 November Juewen Liu (W) Catalytic DNA, aptamers, and gold nanoparticles
17 November Derek Schipper (W) Functional materials enabled by synthetic advances
24 November Matthew Edwards

Markes International and SepSolve Analytical

Finding the needle in the haystack: Using GCxGC-TOF MS for non-target analysis of complex mixtures.
1 December Richard Manderville (G) Hemicyanine dyes as fluorescent probes for DNA aptasensor detection strategies






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