PhD Seminars

Posted on January 29, 2024

See upcoming PhD Seminars that are open to all GWC2 graduate students to attend. Come out to support your fellow students and check off a program requirement by attending a seminar.

Please note PhD seminars will be held in a hybrid manner; in person at the home University of the student and via MicroSoft Teams for the opposite campus. Seminar notices will be provided by email (with the Teams link).

Emily Wedde (W)
“Pathways to Carrier Polarization in 2D Materials”
Monday, February 5, 3:00 pm

Cailum Stienstra (W)
“Geometric Deep Learning of Spectroscopic and Physicochemical Properties”
Wednesday, February 7, 9:00 am

Madison Donohoe (W)
“Optimization of Low-Temperature Thermoelectric Materials for Expanding Thermoelectric Generator Applications”
Tuesday, February 13, 2:30 pm

Max Walton-Raaby (W)
“Investigating the Theranostic Potential of Graphene Quantum Dots in Alzheimer’s Disease”
Thursday, February 15, 1:30 pm

Yachen Xie (W)
“Aptamer-based ┬áBiosensor for the Detection of Heme’s Derivatives”
Monday, February 19, 11:00 am

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