PhD Seminars

Posted on January 21, 2021

See upcoming PhD Seminars that are open to all GWC2 graduate students to attend. Come out to support your fellow students and check off a program requirement by attending a seminar.

Please note all PhD seminars will be held via MicroSoft Teams. Seminar notices will be provided by email (with the Teams link) by Cathy van Esch at Waterloo or Lisa O’Dwyer at Guelph.

Chang Li (W)
“Polyanionic Compounds as Cathode Materials for Divalent-Ion Batteries”
Wednesday, February 10, 2:00 pm

Austin Pounder (G)
“Transition-Metal-Catalyzed Domino Reactions”
Thursday, February 11, 2:00 pm

Qian Lanting (G)
“Design and Understanding of Nanostructured Electrocatalysts for Sensing and Environmental Applications”
Tuesday, February 16, 2:00 pm

Max Hamilton (W)
“Development of Functional Cluster Model for the FeMo Cofactor in Nitrogenase”
Thursday, February 18, 2:00 pm

Nolan Frame (G)
“Polysaccharide Immunogens of Gastric Pathogens Prevalent in Autistic Children”
Friday, February 19, 10:00 am

Ryan Johnson (G)
“Post-synthetic Aldol-type Reactions for Site-Specific Insertion of Fluorescent Probes into DNA Aptamers”
Tuesday, February 23, 10:00 am

Julia Steckner (W)
“Local Stability and Dynamics of an Engineered Fibronectin Type III Domain”
Tuesday, February 23, 12:00 pm

Yichen Zhao (W)
“The Selection of Aptamers for the Detection of Antibiotics”
Thursday, February 25, 2:30 pm

Mirfath Mesbahuddin (W)
“Hunt for the Ultra Stable Carbonic Anhydrase for Carbon Capture”
Friday, February 26, 10:00 am

Fangzhou Yin (W)
“Optical and Electronic Transport Investigation of Two-Dimensional Material Devices”
Friday, February 26, 1:00 pm

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