CHEM 731/7310-01 - Biochemical Pharmacology

Semester: Winter 2021

Professor: M. Palmer | Discipline: Biochemistry | Campus: Waterloo


Course objective:  Understand the biochemical principles of drug action

Overview of topics

  1. Introduction
  2. Pharmacodynamics: General principles of drug action
  3. Pharmacokinetics: Uptake, distribution, and elimination of drugs
  4. Pharmacology of nerve and muscle cells
  5. G protein-coupled receptors as drug targets
  6. Drugs that modulate nitric oxide signaling
  7. Eicosanoid mediators and related drugs
  8. Drugs that modulate intermediate metabolism
  9. Antimicrobial chemotherapy
  10. Anti-cancer chemotherapy
  11. RNA as a drug target
  12. Drug delivery
  13. Drug discovery/development


Course notes (see


Option A: a written short review on a specific research topic related to the course material.

Option B: an in-class presentation of 15-20 minutes on a research paper. I will offer some papers for selection, but you can also search for and propose your own.

Important: with both option A and option B, you are free to propose your own topic or paper, but I reserve the right to approve your choice or not. So, before working on your review or presentation, please discuss it with me.




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