Course Offerings: Organic

CHEM 766/7660 - Organic Spectroscopy

Semester: Fall 2020 Professor: J.M. Chong | Discipline: Organic | Campus: Waterloo
This course will deal with aspects of organic spectroscopy from the perspective of an organic chemist.  There will be an emphasis on fundamental principles relevant to different spectroscopic techniques but with a minimum of quantum mechanics and mathematics.  Applications of spectroscopic methods to the elucidation of organic structures will be stressed. Some basic organic chemistry knowledge (e.g. usually 4 bonds to a neutral carbon atom, common ...

CHEM 769/7690 - Physical Organic Chemistry

Semester: Winter 2021 Professor: A. Schwan | Discipline: Organic | Campus: Guelph
Physical organic chemistry, including a discussion of reactive intermediates, substituent effects, pericyclic reactions, radical chemistry and a basic theoretical description of the bonding in organic molecules. Method of Presentation: One 2 1/2 hour lecture per week, Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm by remote, live lectures on TEAMS. First lecture is Tues. Jan. 5, 2021. There will be no lectures during reading week (Feb. 18). CONTENT ...

CHEM 760/7600 - Asymmetric Synthesis of Amino Acids and Total Synthesis of Complex Peptide-Based Natural Products

Semester: Spring 2020 Professor: S. Taylor | Discipline: Organic | Campus: Waterloo
Topics covered: peptides as drugs, asymmetric synthesis of common and uncommon amino acids; solution phase, solid phase, and liquid phase peptide synthesis, total synthesis of complex peptide-based natural products such as pipecolidepsin A, yaku’amide A, vioprolide, phomopsin, cyclomarin, bottromycin, lacticin 3147 etc.; and total synthesis of proteins via native chemical ligation. ...