Course Offerings: Organic

CHEM 764/7640 - Synthetic Organic Reactions

Semester: Fall 2019 Professor: J.M. Chong | Discipline: Organic | Campus: Waterloo
This course will focus on synthetic methods in organic chemistry and will cover aspects of organic synthesis ranging from basic principles to state-of-the-art examples drawn from the current literature. Topics will include: Selectivity in synthesis: regioselectivity, stereoselectivity and chemoselectivity Kinetic and thermodynamic control Protecting groups Retrosynthetic analysis, synthons and disconnections Functional group ...

CHEM 760/7600 - Asymmetric Synthesis of Amino Acids and Total Synthesis of Complete Peptide-Based Natural Products

Semester: Spring 2020 Professor: S. Taylor | Discipline: Organic | Campus: Waterloo
Topics covered: peptides as drugs, asymmetric synthesis of common and uncommon amino acids; solution phase, solid phase, and liquid phase peptide synthesis, total synthesis of complex peptide-based natural products such as pipecolidepsin A, yaku’amide A, vioprolide, phomopsin, cyclomarin, bottromycin, lacticin 3147 etc.; and total synthesis of proteins via native chemical ligation. ...