Course Offerings: Organic

CHEM 760/7600 - Organic Materials

Semester: Winter 2022 Professor: D. Schipper | Discipline: Organic | Campus: Waterloo
CHEM 760: Organic Electronic Materials Synthesis will familiarize students with modern techniques that are used to synthesize organic electronic materials (conjugated molecules and polymers). Methods to be introduced include Pd-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions (Suzuki, Stille, Sonagashira etc.), other catalytic and stoichiometric techniques (Yamamoto, Kumada, Gilch etc.), oxidative polymerization (chemical and electrochemical) and C-H bond activation strategies. The methods will be ...

CHEM 760/7600 - Heteroatoms in Organic Synthesis

Semester: Fall 2022 Professor: A. Schwan | Discipline: Organic | Campus: Guelph
TBA ...

CHEM 766/7660 - Organic Spectroscopy

Semester: Fall 2022 Professor: G. Murphy | Discipline: Organic | Campus: Waterloo
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