Course Offerings: Analytical

CHEM 720/7200 - Advanced Bioanalytical Chemistry

Semester: Spring 2019 Professor: S. Mikkelsen | Discipline: Analytical | Campus: Waterloo
TBA ...

CHEM 720/7200 - Electron Transfer Initiated Reactions: Techniques, Fundamental and Practical Aspects

Semester: Fall 2018 Professor: A. Houmam | Discipline: Analytical | Campus: Guelph
This course is an overview of electron transfer initiated reactions.  It includes an introduction aimed at describing a number of well-known electron transfer reactions with a focus on organic reactions. The main electron transfer theories will be reviewed and the thermodynamics, kinetics and mechanisms of electron transfer reactions as well as factors controlling them will be studied through use of examples from the literature. Various techniques and methods will be discussed including ...