Course Offerings: Analytical

CHEM 720/7200 - Introduction to Experimental Design and Chemometrics

Semester: Fall 2019 Professor: T. Gorecki | Discipline: Analytical | Campus: Waterloo
Experimentation is one of the foundational pillars of science. Any theoretical hypothesis that is formulated must ultimately be proved or disproved by experiments. While the scientific method is generally intuitively understood by researchers, not all of them fully realize how various controllable and uncontrollable factors might affect their results. Also, the approach to experimentation is often far from optimal. The course will try to fill these voids by exploring the areas mentioned ...

CHEM 720/7200 - Advanced Bioanalytical Chemistry

Semester: Spring 2019 Professor: S. Mikkelsen | Discipline: Analytical | Campus: Waterloo
Introduction to enzymes: classification, nomenclature, specific activity. Review of enzyme kinetics (Michaelis-Menten and pseudo-Michaelis Menten kinetics, conditions for the assay of enzymes, substrates, activators and inhibitors). Enzyme assays, including high-throughput screening (HTS) methods. Immobilization of enzymes: methods including adsorption, entrapment, crosslinking, covalent immobilization and encapsulation; effect of immobilization on kinetics, pH dependence and stability. ...