CHEM 740/7400 - Quantum Molecular Dynamics

Semester: Winter 2019

Professor: P.N. Roy | Discipline: Theoretical | Campus: Waterloo


This reading course provides an introduction to Quantum Molecular Dynamics approaches and their applications. A review of essential concepts of statistical mechanics will first be covered and the Feynman path integral formulation of quantum statistical mechanics will be introduced. Simulation techniques such as path integral Monte Carlo and path integral molecular dynamics will be discussed and illustrated with applications to quantum fluids, the spectroscopy of quantum clusters, the thermodynamics of complex molecules, and the simulation of confined molecules. Real time quantum molecular dynamics approaches will also be introduced and their application to the prediction of spectra and transport properties will be discussed. Some of the topics will be illustrated using computer simulations as problem set assignments. Students will be exposed to state-of-the-art computational algorithms and visualization tools.


Course materials will be posted on the course Learn page. Programming in the Python language will also be required.


Problem sets, Midterm, Term Project, and Final Exam.


A computational project based on the course material and techniques learned through the problem set assignments will be due the last day of the term.


  • Wed: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm in C2 278/MacN 203

Office Hours

Instructor available upon request