CHEM 750/7500-02 - Bioelectronics

Semester: Winter 2024

Professor: S. Tang | Discipline: Physical | Campus: Waterloo


This course covers many topics pertinent to the highly interdisciplinary research field of bioelectronics, encompassing physical, surface, bio- and electro-chemistries. The students will be introduced to the fundamental building blocks of bioelectronics, strategies for fabrication/organization of micro/nanostructures, and design/characterization of the bio-interfaces. Frontier research in the field of bioelectronics and applications (e.g. biosensors, implantables, cell culture analog, tissue engineering), especially advancements enabled by nanotechnology, will be reviewed at the conclusion.


No required books for the class, as it will range over a great deal of territory. References and suggested readings will be given as time comes.

Course Website:  LEARN

  • All handouts, lecture notes, presentation slides will be available on the course website. (Note: No hard copy will be distributed in class).
  • Please check announcements and new contents on the course website frequently.
  • You are welcome to use course mail to send your questions and other inquiries.


2 in-class quizzes – 30%, Presentation – 30%, Report – 40%

At the end of the term, each student will investigate a topic in bioelectronics, give a 45 min oral presentation, and submit a review style report.


Course Syllabus (Tentative)

Week 1.1 –          Course Overview

–          Introduction (What is Bioelectronics?)

Unit 1: Building Blocks and Principles
Week 1.2 –          Biomolecules (Basic Structure and Function)

–          Solid surfaces (Materials and Chemistry)

Week 2 –          Weak Forces (Intra/Inter Molecular Interactions, Theory)
Week 3 –          Protein Adsorption (Importance, Design Protein-resistant Surfaces, Kinetics)
Week 4 –          Protein Adsorption, Part II (Kinetics)

–          In-class quiz #1

Unit 2: Special Topics in Bioelectronics – Biosensors
Week 5, 6 –          Biological components, Surface Chemistry, Modes of recognition & Theory
Week 7, 8 –          Modes of transduction, Theory (electrochemical and optical)

–          Fabrication and Characterization methods

–          In-class quiz #2

Unit 3: Special Topics in Bioelectronics – Cell/Tissue-Electronics Interfaces
Week 9 –          In-vitro 2D/3D cell/tissue models

–          Cell-surface interactions

Week 10 –          Introduction to cell electrophysiology

–          Bioactuators

Unit 4: Literature Review – New Frontiers
Week 11, 12, 13 Student Presentations (45 min oral + 15 min Q&A)



  • Thu: 7:00 pm - 9:20 pm in C2 278

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