CHEM 750/7500-02 - Electronic Structure and Properties of Materials

Semester: Winter 2023

Professor: P. Radovanovic | Discipline: Physical | Campus: Waterloo


The objective of this course is to introduce students to the electronic structures of various technologically-relevant materials. The electronic structures will be examined from both molecular and solid-state aspects. Optical, electrical, and magnetic properties of materials will be discussed with respect to their electronic structures. The materials of interest will include metals, insulators, semiconductors, and conductive polymers. Experimental methods for investigation of the electronic structure of materials will be introduced, with a particular emphases on spectroscopic techniques. The course will also introduce selected nanoscale materials, and contrast them to the corresponding bulk materials.

This course will attempt to bridge the “gap” between molecular (chemical) and solid-state (physical) approach. Although a certain degree of mathematical treatment is important and necessary in this course, the emphasis will be put on concepts rather than mathematical formulations. It should be emphasized that a course of this type can be organized and thought in many different ways, and include many different topics. Therefore, the selection of topics may in some ways reflect the instructor’s personal bias.


Rolf E. Hummel: “Electronic Properties of Materials” 3rd edition, Springer

Anthony Mark Fox: “Optical Properties of Solids”, Oxford University Press




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  • Tue: 7:00 pm - 9:20 pm in C2 278

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