CHEM 784/7840 - Foundations of Chemistry and Biochemistry Research Literature Review

Semester: Fall 2020

Professor: E. Meiering | | Campus: Waterloo


Students will learn how to use multiple resources to search and vet scientific literature relevant to their own research. Based on this literature, students will write a review paper (about 25 typed pages in length) in which they present and explain scientific concepts and methods, the up-to-date state of research, and the open questions that are relevant to their research field, including reasons and methods for undertaking further studies.  Students will subject excerpts of their writing to peer review, will participate in peer review of others’ writing, and will learn to improve their scientific writing through this iterative feedback process. Preparation of graphic content will be addressed similarly.  This course has a hybrid delivery of in-person lectures, online assignments, and independent study. The material of the review will be further developed, presented and defended in the CHEM 794(0) MSc Research Seminar.

The objectives of the CHEM 784(0) requirement are to encourage MSc students to learn to use scientific literature at an early stage of their program, to stimulate in-depth thinking about the basis of their thesis research, and to develop their peer network and communication skills.

CHEM 784(0) is a required one term course for all full-time graduate students who are enrolled for an MSc degree starting from Fall 2020; students must complete the requirements for CHEM 784(0) within their first two terms in the program and are strongly encouraged to take this course in their first term.  CHEM 784(0) is offered in Fall and Winter terms.


Course materials will be provided through the course web site on LEARN at University of Waterloo (access will be provided to Guelph students). Each student must have access to a portable device (laptop, tablet, etc.), equipped with Microsoft Word or any other word processing program that gives corresponding output to Word.  This device must be able to access the internet and must allow the student to participate in the course remotely (e.g. via Microsoft Teams).






  • Mon: 7:00 pm - 9:20 pm in Remote

Office Hours

By appointment - email [email protected] though the course LEARN site.