GWC2 classes begin on Monday, January 9th. 2023

Dated November 17, 2022, Version 6

NOTE: Students on the opposite campus of the instructor will attend remotely (synchronous), unless otherwise indicated by the instructor

No courses have been scheduled for this semester.

CHEM 720/7200 – Chemical and Biochemical Sensors (Houmam) GUELPH – CANCELLED
CHEM 727/7270 РSeparations  (Pawliszyn) WATERLOO
CHEM 731/7310-01 – Nucleic Acids: Structure and Function (Dieckmann) WATERLOO
CHEM 731/7310-02 – Toxicology (Gabryelski) GUELPH
CHEM 740/7400-01 – Quantum Mechanics in Chemistry (Nooijen) WATERLOO
CHEM 740/7400-02 – Spin-based Quantum Information Processing (Baugh) WATERLOO
CHEM 750/7500-01 – Heterogeneous Electrocatalysis (L. Chen) GUELPH
CHEM 750/7500-02 – Electronic Structure and Properties of Materials (Radovanovic) WATERLOO
CHEM 7500-03 / NANO 602 – Structure and Spectroscopy of Nanoscale Materials (Radovanovic) WATERLOO
CHEM 750/7500-04 – Atomic and Molecular Clusters (Hopkins) WATERLOO
CHEM 760/7600 – Carbohydrate Chemistry (Auzanneau) GUELPH
CHEM 773/7730 – Advanced Polymerization Techniques (Wang) WATERLOO
CHEM 784/7840 – Foundations of Chemistry and Biochemistry Research Literature Review (O’Flaherty) GUELPH

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